Great news and 'Time to buy' events

Some great news

We have secured the largest possible grant for £300,000 that can be awarded by “Power to Change”, conditional on matching that amount with Community Shares.

„„We have received advance assurance from HMRC, that UK tax payers who purchase shares will be eligible for tax relief of 30% under the Social Investment Tax Relief scheme.

„„It is also our aim that there will be 3% interest paid on shares.*

Buying shares

At the end of January we will be distributing the share prospectus and application form to every home in Houghton and Wyton, giving every villager the unique opportunity to own a part of our community shop.

The share offer opens on Saturday 28th January 2017 and will close on Friday 10th March 2017.

*The aspiration is to pay a 3% annual interest on Community Shares whenever it possible to do so.

We’re holding a series of informal events to give you an opportunity to ask questions